Tree Stump Grinding Experts in Portland, Oregon

When a tree is removed, the stump remains. Our customers often want to plant a new tree in the same spot or they consider the stump to be an eyesore. Our additional stump grinding service is a great solution to these problems. Grind a stump and get more yard back!

Urban Timber’s tree stump grinding process

Typically, stump grinding includes the immediate stump, root flare, and surface roots within a four-inch radius of the stump itself. We usually grind to a depth of 16 inches below grade as long as there are no conflicting underground utilities. A clear path from the street to the stump (with no stairs or retaining walls) is required, so not all stumps can be ground due to access limitations. While the machine is designed to fit through a standard gate, we are sometimes limited by surrounding obstacles such as concrete, fences, or nearby foundations. A debris guard protects property from any projectiles, like rocks, that are near the stump.

We can leave or take your stump grinding chips

Wood chips and dirt mulch are left behind and they can either be removed or used for your garden. Stump debris is left behind by default, but for an additional charge, we can remove it for you.

Our tree care experts check for utility conflicts

A utility locate is used for stumps that are in front yards, side yards, or on a corner lot to ensure there are no conflicts with underground utilities. A city locator will stop by prior to our project to mark the utilities with paint. If there is a conflict with underground utilities, we’ll typically conduct a shallow grinding for the safety of your property and our crew.

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