Skilled Tree Removal in Portland, OR

Trees should be removed when they’re dead, dying, diseased, hazardous, or threatening the health of other trees. Other reasons include selective thinning, poor location, or conflict with the landscape. Urban Timber’s tree removal service will leave your trees looking fantastic while giving you peace of mind during Portland’s wild weather.

Our experienced team can safely remove your tree

Due to the complexities of tree removal, only experienced and knowledgeable professionals should be used. The Arborists at Urban Timber will first assess your concerns and your property before creating a customized, detailed removal plan that includes aspects such as rigging points, drop zones, existing landscaping, access, the structural integrity of the tree, power lines, and more. This plan ensures that our crew can perform the work safely and effectively, even if they need to utilize specialty equipment.
We’re well-versed in things like shock loads, load to failure, rigging, aerial safety, aerial rescue, and have a strong understanding of the physics involved in tree removal. In other words … don’t try this at home!

The safety of our Arborists, your property, and your neighbors’ property is our main priority when removing trees.

We use a state-of-the-art communication system to ensure that each member of the crew stays in close communication through the process (without yelling at each other across your yard!).

We offer detailed service, from the first cut to wood recycling

Whether we are removing a tree, pruning or grinding a stump, we aim to leave every yard looking fantastic. Your property will be raked and blown clean of debris.  And you’ll feel good about your tree removal because all byproducts generated from the process are fully recycled. (Chips are donated to gardens and people in the community! Wood is either donated to people who need firewood to keep warm in the winter or it’s milled into useable lumber.) Interested in receiving free woodchips for your garden? Contact ChipDrop!

Tree ordinance information

Each municipality within the Portland Metro area has unique and sometimes very specific laws/permitting requirements concerning arbor care. Permitting is usually based on tree location and property zoning. Fines can occur if requirements are not met. It is vital that you confirm the requirements for your home or business area.

Follow these links to read about the requirements for your area:

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