Emergency Tree Services in Portland, OR

Our emergency tree services

At Urban Timber, we take tree health and your safety seriously. The Pacific Northwest experiences extreme weather that, when coupled with our many tall trees, can create dangerous situations. When disaster strikes, contact us to clean up the mess! Our friendly, trained pros will assess the damage (whether it’s on your property or your neighbor’s) to provide you with a comprehensive plan for taking care of the damage. Not only do we clear the immediate issue, but we employ a long-term approach to your tree’s care to reduce the risk of more problems in the future. We take care to save trees whenever possible, too. We know how important trees are to the enjoyment of your yard!

Why Urban Timber?

In emergency situations, our goal is always to minimize further property damage while creating a safe environment. This is typically done by focusing on tree removals and trimming damaged trees. Our trained Arborists have access to specialty equipment that gets the job done efficiently and safely.

Why use Arborists for this work? Removing tree limbs off homes, cars, fences, and other structures is a delicate task, especially to avoid additional damage or personal injury. When a tree has been uprooted or broken and is laying precariously, it requires a well-trained professional to anticipate how the tree will react when cut. This creates an extremely high risk for personal injury. Even more important is the ability to remove branches in a safe manner. Widow Makers are unstable tree limbs that are often too high up in the canopy to see. Safely taking care of these dangerous branches is a job for a professional Arborist.

At Urban Timber, our crew skillfully handles our top-notch equipment while keeping safety top-of-mind. We take pride in our ability to find innovative solutions to your tree problems and deliver results that are precise and high-quality.

How to contact us for emergency work

For immediate hazards, please contact us 24/7 at 503-449-4066. Immediate hazards include actively uprooting trees, trees that have fallen on your house, limbs coming through your roof, etc.

For less urgent issues, such as trees that have already fallen and do not pose further damage/danger, please email photos of the tree(s) and the surroundings to [email protected]. Put “Emergency” in the subject line to draw our attention to your email first thing in the morning. Someone will contact you during business hours with further questions or with a plan.

You’ll Love Our Work

At Urban Timber Tree Service, we:

  • offer a 24/7 emergency line.
  • help navigate the insurance process
  • assist with city permit requirements
  • are certified Arborists
  • have access to the best equipment
  • can handle projects large or small
  • leave your yard neat and tidy

Need a tree assessment?

“Jeremy, Sydney and Will are easy to work with in a very tough situation with our trees. After the Ice Storm we had a lot of damage of several of our 100 year old trees. Our home was in danger and Jeremy assessed our situation and made it priority. His crew especially Will did an excellent job on trimming large heavy limbs over the house. It was amazing!” – Luccia L. – Portland, OR