As Arborists, we specialize in maintaining tree health through proper pruning

We identify tree defects and recommend corrective care

With the correct care your trees become healthier, survive longer, and look better. Considering that the well-being of a single tree can impact the well-being of all the trees and shrubs on your entire property, it is very important to consult a specialist.

Urban Timber Tree Service excels in discovering what the tree needs to fit the space. Our Arborists can identify any hazards or defects and then make recommendations for proper pruning, cabling, or removal if needed. We can reach into our bag of tricks to find the best solution for your specific tree problem.

Need a tree assessment in the Portland, Oregon area?

Occasionally, the need to call an expert Arborist to assess a tree’s health is very obvious — for example, when a tree has sustained damage. Over the life of a tree, however, changes can sometimes be subtle. Changing leaves or a broken limb may not seem like signs of concern. So when should you call in the professionals? Reach out for an assessment of your tree’s health when your tree:

  • Has leaves that are discolored during the spring or summer seasons;
  • Is growing unevenly, is lopsided or is leaning too far;
  • Has peeling bark, or cracks or splits in the trunk;
  • Has stopped growing prematurely; or
  • Drops its leaves early.

Ready for a tree assessment or estimate?

“[Urban Timber Tree] identified some issues my trees were having that could’ve resulted in some real trouble down the road. With a little remediation, they’ll be good to go for decades to come – whew!”